There’s a purpose-filled life ahead of you filled with possibility, and we can show you how.

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Our proven programs, methodology and advice provides clear logic and peace-of-mind to help you create a plan that not only supports your vision for the future, but also your all-important emotional needs as you move through this transition.

75% of Retirees Regret Retiring…because they don’t have a plan. 

Why?  They did their financial planning, but they had no plan for what to do that brought meaning to the rest of their life. Recent studies show that today’s Baby Boomers leaving their work don’t want to “retire” in the sense of just playing golf every day. As a dynamic generation of people that has driven the most significant change in history, it’s no surprise that Baby Boomers hope to enter a new stage of active, meaningful life. That said, if you’re over 50 – like so many of us are – you’re likely wondering what’s next? Are you looking at leaving your company but not yet ready to “retire?” What if leaving your business or career was your “second act” versus your finale?

The Platinum Years℠ Workshops

Workshop: The Best Is Yet To Come!

Transition Workshops for people ages 50+. Learn how to experience meaning and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Explore new opportunities, new adventures, new challenges and a dynamic lifestyle. This series, based on personal insights, experiences and years of working with baby boomers, can help you plan the transition into the next chapter of your life.

Personal Transition Planning for Business Owners and Professionals( Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, etc) transforms “traditional retirement” into The Platinum Years℠. The best 10, 20, 30 years of your life after you leave your job or business. The programs show you how to explore new personal opportunities, to discover the next big adventure in your life, live a dynamic lifestyle, and discover new challenges for you to meet.

The series is designed to help you become structurally, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and spirituality prepared for transitioning into the next stage of life. Included are practical “how-to” steps to create your strategic life plan.

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  • Small group format

  • Online assessment and workbook

  • Led by a facilitator from the Successful Transition Planning Institute

Note:  This event is ideal for associations, trade groups or universities

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Workshop:  A Path to a Meaningful Retirement Workshop for Baby Boomers.

What you’ll learn

  1. Transform retirement into the Platinum Years℠
  2. Find things you enjoy doing so you won’t feel bored and irrelevant
  3. Articulate things that you never thought of before
  4. Create a vision for your life that pulls you into it
  5. Create a specific plan for a happy future life
  6. Be proactive to avoid a reactive retirement
  7. Know what you want, and what you need to do to make it happen