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We help our clients set their strategic direction, develop their marketing and sales capabilities, and connect their organization to realize the full potential of today’s multi-channel opportunities. With nearly 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience Socius Business Advisors helped companies excel at critical sales activities such as: customer targeting, Sales and Marketing channel strategy and management, trade marketing, business intelligence, customer segmentation and customer centric marketing and sales. We can help you create the best sales force structure, territory plan, and sales performance programs; and integrating sales and marketing programs with extraordinary results and levels of efficiency.  Socius Business advisors are experienced in brand stewardship, innovation, marketing messaging, pipeline strategies, marketing mix, forecasting and product launches.

 Our Virtual Sales Manager program brings years of sales experience to your team, offering all the benefits of an in-house VP of Sales, at a fraction of the cost! Let our Virtual Sales Manager provide temporary or long-term oversight of your team, process, performance, and strategy to improve productivity and profitability.

Improve business results and increase sales with customized employee training programs.

Let our experts build your sales team and develop your sales strategy to maximize performance and increase sales revenue. Socius Business Advisors partner with clients in a variety of growth stages and sales maturity levels. From early stage start-ups to larger companies, our flexible service model can be tailored to the unique goals, objectives and requirements of each organization.

Marketing Strategy

We implement a fully functional marketing and public relations program for your company delivering results for half the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Working one-on-one with a strategy-marketing  specialist we deliver high-end marketing solutions for your business that generates leads.

Use the Socius Business Advisors Fractional Marketing Program to deliver integrated, pragmatic & actionable solutions to your business challenges; whether it is preparing for a product launch, developing practical, multichannel marketing plans or preparing for loss of exclusivity.

For about the price of mid-level marketing manager you get VP level experience to:

  • Develop annual marketing and service plan in support of organizational strategy and objectives.
  • Oversee and train your marketing, sales, and customer service staff.
  • Direct implementation and execution of marketing and service policies and practices.
  • Ensure marketing communications are coordinated, support marketing plan objectives and meet organizational expenditure requirements.
  • Provide leadership in the development of joint ventures, affiliations and partnership arrangements.
  • Provide leadership and support for the design, development and implementation of products and service lines.
  • Oversee and direct market research, competitor analyses and customer service and retention monitoring processes and initiatives.
  • Build, develop and manage marketing and customer service team capable of carrying out needed marketing and service strategies.
  • Manage marketing services department, including development and distribution of all marketing collateral.

We also able to help you address your short-term resourcing bottlenecks through our Fractional Marketing Team. The Team focuses on very short contract periods from 1 to 6 months to help you deliver projects during those particularly frantic times during the year.

Brand Stewardship

Exactly what is brand stewardship and what does it have to do with the success of your brand?

Brand stewardship can be viewed by marketers along a spectrum that has two opposite ends.

 Some view brand stewardship in a narrow sense as a set of guidelines coupled with an enforcement process to ensure that the brand is used and presented in accordance with prescribed guidelines.

 Many would see it merely as a necessary expense. It’s basically a defensive stance intended to protect a brand from being misused, misrepresented, or copied by competitors and was fairly viable up until the late 1990s. A significant number of organizations still adhere to this narrow definition.


Consider the other end of the spectrum. Truly effective brand stewardship in today’s marketplace calls for a vastly different perspective. The numerous paradigm shifts that have placed the business and retail consumer squarely in the driver’s seat have made it a more complex proposition. The opportunities for your brand to reach unprecedented levels of success—in scope, reach, stature, customer experience, profitability, and value. Strong, proactive brand stewardship is a revenue driver. For these reasons, brand stewardship should be viewed as an investment that enables your brand to successfully navigate the complex business and social environments, building legions of advocates along the way.

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