Socius Business Advisors has a proven track record of maximizing value for organizations. We work with large and small companies to help you restructure an existing business.

We start each organizational design and development process by studying:

 The Business – client needs and wants; competition; industry trends; customer requirements; company and competitor strengths and weaknesses; and the Political, Economic, Social, and Technological marketplace.

 Company Values – vision and values of management; desired culture; degree of congruency between stated values and behavioral patterns

 Company Talent – skills, abilities, leadership competencies and employee training needs

 Major Work Flows – quality and efficiency of current processes and output or product

 Our organizational design and development team understands that internal company leadership will always know their work better than an outside consultant will. So, we coach and collaborate with leaders until they are able to drive the organizational design and development process. Besides providing a successful design and development process for restructuring an organization, we also coach the management group to make them better leaders.

Turnarounds and Restructuring

It can be distressing when a business begins losing market share, or worse, slides backwards in revenue and profits.. This can manifest itself as a steep decline in performance, margin erosion, liquidity constraints, disruption to business operations or the market, or a failure to meet your business plan.   When this happens it not only creates uncertainty about the future, it can destroy value you’ve spend a lifetime building. Therefore, it is essential that timely and decisive action be taken.

Need help planning and delivering results that provide real improvements to the cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet? Working alongside management, our professionals offer a broad range of services , including:

  • Analyzing potential causes of underperformance
  • Developing turnaround strategies
  • Collaborating with  stakeholders with differing perspectives
  • Developing operational plans to help support delivery of the turnaround plan
  • Optimizing the strategic and financial impact of the implementation process
  • Bringing know-how and stability and accelerate the necessary changes to deliver tangible results.

Our Socius Business Advisors provide a tailored solution to each situation, drawing on the deep experience and breadth of services and by taping into their broad multi-industry network.

Our turnaround approach focuses on the most important organizational operational, strategic, and financial areas in order to ensure a comprehensive recovery. We can execute an existing turnaround plan or develop a new one tailored to a client’s specific circumstances. By combining our deep industry experience with the proven tools of crisis management, we create lasting impact on a timely basis.

Socius Business Advisors has a proven track record of maximizing value for organizations . Our Turnaround and Restructuring practice offers critical assistance to companies that are underperforming, or in a crisis, or who are healthy, but with underperforming divisions. Working directly with company management, Socius Business Advisors helps stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing custom comprehensive plans and has a proven track record of maximizing value for organizations.

Today’s businesses face an increasing array of challenges, from rapid change to heightened competition and global economic uncertainty. This fundamental struggle with change, particularly in over-leveraged situations, has the potential to create a crisis environment in which most business leaders are not accustomed to dealing. Success demands a clear path to results. Let us find the right path for your firm.


Hands-on M&A, Exit Planning, Pre and Post Transaction Execution

If you are like most owners, or buyers, you are good at running a company. You’re not an expert at preparing a company for sale, or executing the transition process after the sale.

There are many M&A firms out there.   Socius Business Advisors are different in the following ways.

Most M&A companies will help you a review and analysis of the historical and prospective financial results of the company; review and analysis of operational, marketing, technical and other information regarding the factors that influence the cash flow prospects and risk dynamics of the company; and have discussions with management regarding the operations of the company.

Some may even market your company, and even negotiate with potential buyers or sellers.

Some have lawyers on staff to help you with contracts, and dealing with the tax implications of deal.

If you’re an owner wanting to sell, or a buyer wanting to buy, and you are not experienced in the processes of M&A, who do you turn to get the job done.

Socius Business Advisors are experienced Hands-on professionals who will work side-by-side with you and your staff to get your business ready to sell, or undergo the operational and strategic steps needed not only to buy or sell a company, but also to transition the company.

While others tell you what needs to be done, we help you analyze the processes, prepare your staff, and improve your operation. We also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout the entire due diligence process to ensure that critical steps are not missed. We will help you improve margins and sales,; clean up those poor accounting records; improve operational processes; train staff members; get your management staff ready; and help you prepare for life after the transaction.

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