Business and Operational Assessment

Socius Business Advisors business and operational assessments analyze and identify a company`s organizational strengths and weaknesses. SBA Business and Operational Assessments are designed to quickly provide you with an informed and independent view of the current state of your company and operations and lay the foundation for transformative change that will reduce risk and improve your ability to compete. Reviews typically last two to four weeks and are the basis for the more detailed and high impact process redesign work that leads to significant improvement. The results of these assessments provide our clients with the information they need to maximize growth, efficiency, and compliance for their business.

Business Assessments

Our business assessments provide an evaluation of the entire company or specific business functions to identify strengths, weaknesses, and devise prescriptions for improvement. Our clients benefit from our industry knowledge in product management, sales and marketing, pricing strategy, and client service to help increase productivity, service levels, and profitability.

Operational Assessments

Our operational assessments examine the people, processes, and technology used in delivering service components and internal business functions. Through “current state” and “optimal state” operating models, Socius Business Advisors will identify opportunities to more closely align your company’s service backbone with its business objectives.

Our independent evaluation of operations:

  • Highlights strategic and tactical improvement opportunities that take into consideration your company culture.
  • Provides benchmarking against industry trends
  • Objectively elevates critical issues to senior management
  • Assesses opportunities for in-scope functions to conform with overall corporate strategy
  • Uncovers client insights on market perceptions and operational improvement opportunities
  • Provides a roadmap of prioritized opportunities for improvement

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