We all know about outsourcing…  the obtaining of (goods or a service) from an outside supplier, esp. in place of an internal source.  Socius Business Advisors “insourcing” program puts senior experience leaders inside your company on a regular part time basis.  You get the best of both worlds. You get the expertise and know how of one of our experienced advisors, or senior advisors, for the cost of a mid level associate. “Insourced” assignments are a minimum of a six (6) months with a minimum of 40 hours per month.

business teamTypically, highly effective companies/organizations/environments focus on their core expertise. They outsource, in a variety of ways, critical job functions that are not their core talent. The rational is to focus on doing what you do best and engage partners to do what they do best, as much as possible.

Companies that try to do it all typically achieve less than optimum results. The same goes for those that outsource critical talent that they need to possess for business success. In some cases, this becomes a significant risk for the company.  That’s where Socius Business Advisors “Insourcing Leadership” comes in.  We can add an experienced collaborative leader to your team to add the expertise you need .  Your get C-level leadership, at a fraction of the cost (normally between 1/5 – 1/3)  of hiring a C level individual.

Here’s an exercise that can help. Take out four sheets of paper. At the top of each sheet, write one of the following questions:

  • What business are you really in?
  • What is the core expertise or talent on which your business is built?
  • To maximize your core expertise/talent/business results, what other closely related talents do you need to maintain at peak performance?
  • What other expertise/talents/critical functions are needed to maximize your results but can also be accomplished by partners?



Interim Executives-Assisting Private Equitycheerful businessman Firms, Boards of Directors, and Senior Executives Manage Change and Attain Better Results!

At Socius Business Advisors we individually work with Boards of Directors, Equity owners and Senior executives of companies as Interim Executives. Utilizing our considerable experience as business operators and coaches, we address diverse issues while utilizing a practical, hands-on approach. Our depth of individual experience enables us to quickly detect the issues, evaluate them and provide solutions while supplying the management skills necessary to address these issues.

Socius Business Advisors-Only the right people for the job

Companies in diverse industries are increasingly turning to interim leaders who can help navigate immediate, short-term changes. But the trend isn’t just for C-level executives. Organizations may find themselves with an “experience gap” requiring assistance in the development and implementation of key growth initiatives.  Let Socius Business Advisors supply you with an interim:

  • President or CEO– We work closely with private equity investors and venture capital firms to provide our C-level executive teams for buyouts, turnarounds, successions, and startups
  • Socius Business Advisor CFO’s/Controllers are experienced in several industries, including financial services, technology services, and manufacturing. Our engagements encompass interim CFO and Controller positions, pre-audit work and report preparation, Sarbanes- Oxley implementation and testing, M&A due diligence, SEC reporting, bank compliance and internal audit.
  • General Manager– To lead a new or struggling business unit
  • Sales and Marketing Experts- Organizations with immediate sales or marketing problems—but which lack the in-house expertise or are working to find the right hire or trying to keep a lean staff, are  turning to Interim Sales & Marketing experts to fill the gaps.
  • Human Resource Management– Be it the development of your HR strategy, or full blown Advisory and Compliance support, including The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, FSA, EEO practices, Wage and Hour, or I-9, our experts can help.

The business of Socius Business Advisors is to provide our clients with the required expertise and leadership necessary to stabilize performance. An essential parallel to stabilization is or exclusive Collaborative Mentoring  of a company’s management team allowing the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage.

 Best Deal In the Industry!

  • A note to Boards, Equity and Venture Capital Firms, and Business Owners:

If after you have hired a Socius Business Advisor Interim Executive you should desire to hire that advisor for a permanent position, you only pay Socius Business Advisors 20% of the first three months salary*.  Why don’t we charge you 30% or 40% of their first year package?  The answer is simple.  We want you back again, and again. Call today and rent-to-own your next executive. It is the best deal in the industry.

Call today 866-488-7009

*Offer applies only after a minimum three-month contract for interim executive placement, or consultative services have been completed.


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