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If you are like most owners, or buyers, you are good at running a company. You’re not an expert at preparing a company for sale, or executing the transition process after the sale.

There are many M&A firms out there.   Socius Business Advisors are different in the following ways.

Most M&A companies will help you a review and analysis of the historical and prospective financial results of the company; review and analysis of operational, marketing, technical and other information regarding the factors that influence the cash flow prospects and risk dynamics of the company; and have discussions with management regarding the operations of the company.

Some may even market your company, and even negotiate with potential buyers or sellers.

Some have lawyers on staff to help you with contracts, and dealing with the tax implications of deal.

If you’re an owner wanting to sell, or a buyer wanting to buy, and you are not experienced in the processes of M&A, who do you turn to get the job done.

Socius Business Advisors are experienced Hands-on professionals who will work side-by-side with you and your staff to get your business ready to sell, or undergo the operational and strategic steps needed not only to buy or sell a company, but also to transition the company.

While others tell you what needs to be done, we help you analyze the processes, prepare your staff, and improve your operation. We also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout the entire due diligence process to ensure that critical steps are not missed. We will help you improve margins and sales,; clean up those poor accounting records; improve operational processes; train staff members; get your management staff ready; and help you prepare for life after the transaction.

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