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 Dick Fagan

Sadly we lost Dick, but his quick wit, and enthusiastic personality will be missed.  He as an inspirational leader, outstanding advisor and beloved family man. Never was complaining or blaming others an option and giving up was simply not acceptable. He is irreplaceable,  and sorely missed.


Joe Veltri

joe photo010 head shotJoe is a sought after CEO for several reasons.  Joe is a CEO, a certified Executive Coach, Speaker, and Chairs Executive Peer Groups.  Joe is also a proud member of the Exit Planning Institute and was trained as a Transition Advisor by the Successful Transition Planning Institute.  (Catch one of Joe’s next lectures: Either “Transitioning to a Meaningful Life, “How do I prepare for exit?”,or  “Millenials in the Workplace”. They are great seminars for both business owners and management teams alike)

  • As a business leader he has over 25 years experience running companies of differing sizes and in multiple industries, plus retail experience including mass, grocery and drug.
  • As a CEO, he has successfully started companies and turned around two businesses plus bought, sold and merged companies. His experience comes from family business, private equity, and corporations in the public space.
  • As a senior VP in an $850 million corporation he successfully navigated the complexities of a 3,300 employee international consumer product manufacturer to a business that grew three consecutive years at over 30%, and has dealt with virtually all the challenges that a company can experience.  In addition to his CEO duties, he has both an operational and marketing background, and served has served on multiple boards.
  • As an Executive Business Coach with extensive experience he draws on his experience as an entrepreneur, who has started, has grown, and turned-around companies.  He knows how difficult it is at the top, and the incredible value of having an experienced mentor to tap for council. Having been C-level executive and a turn- around CEO he can give you firsthand examples, processes and provided valuable perspectives on tough challenges and opportunities in global and domestic companies.
  • As a Transition Coach and Advisor, Joe works with business owners and professionals to help them prepare for a successful transition.  Be it a family succession, a sale of a company, or a professional moving into retirement, Joe feels that Retirement is about so much more than waiting in the departure lounge of life. It is about living out your golden years by fulfilling your purpose, completing your bucket list and leaving a legacy.  This just doesn’t “happen” it takes planning.
  • Joe has served on Dupage County’s  REV3 advisory board (www.REV3dupage.com). Rev3 is focused on building financially viable businesses. REV3 was created to help develop business leaders and will coalesce around passionate entrepreneurs, whether they are developing businesses on their own or commercializing technology invented at one of the area’s many universities, federal laboratories, or established companies who are committed to the success of their businesses and need affordable access to a range of equipment and expertise that does not exist in one place anywhere else in Illinois
  • Business entrepreneur, executive, personal coach and advisor has created a natural outgrowth for the Family Business Management Center that Socius Business Advisors offers. It extends Joe’s  client base to business owners who want to prepare for succession or sale of their business, or who simply want a strong resource for building a sustainable strategic plan and moving forward.
  • vistage chair logoNow he devotes 25% of his time chairing and coaching  executive peer groups and sharing his experience and expertise with CEOs and business owners striving to start and / or grow both their businesses and themselves.


Dr. Stephanie Olexa

olexa bio photoDr. Olexa earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Temple University and her MBA with a specialty in finance from Lehigh University. She has a Certificate in Leadership Coaching (CLC) from Georgetown University. Dr. Olexa spent several years as a scientist, conducting research and teaching at Temple Medical School. She worked for Rohm and Haas Company and Air Products and Chemical, Inc in senior positions where her responsibilities included strategic planning, profit and loss responsibility, technology assessment, mergers and acquisitions, and research and development. She took an active role in over 25 acquisitions or investments.Stephanie Olexa, Ph.D., MBA, CLC

Dr. Olexa founded Benchmark Analytics, an environmental and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) testing laboratory. She expanded her company to become a nationally respected laboratory with an excellent reputation for technical depth and customer service focus. After eighteen years of heading Benchmark Analytics, she sold the business to an equity investment firm. She remained with the company for two years,  dramatically increasing its market share and technical diversity.

Dr. Olexa founded Lead to the Future because she experienced the importance of understanding and meshing corporate cultures during mergers, acquisitions and equity investments. She is a veteran in coaching leaders through transitions and dramatic business growth. She holds three US patents, has 36 peer-reviewed publications and has authored five book chapters and recently released her new book, Leadership Lessons from a Vacuum Cleaner !! ?? !! Dr. Olexa brings all of the experience of a teacher, an entrepreneur, a scientist, an executive, a team leader, an operations director, a community leader, and a leadership coach.

 Christopher G. (Chris) Conlin

Chris Conlin-2-1 (791x1024)

A senior executive with 30 years’ experience working with startups, large NYSE registered public companies and Fortune International 1000 firms in the electronics and wireless industries. Roles include President & CEO, Vice President & General Manager Operations and Vice President Marketing & Sales.

Accountability and results driven with a strong bent toward delegation, development and mentorship. Successful in strategy definition focused on business expansion, global organizational structure, operations management, technology & product development roadmaps, turn around events and application of scientific principles to solving business problems.

Respect for others defines the foundation of Chris’ principle of Trust, Teamwork and Triumph – T3.

John Stearns 

Slide1A successful entrepreneur and a highly experienced senior executive, John’s spent more than 25 years holding CEO/COO positions in a wide variety of companies.  He is recognized as an insightful strategic thinker with a bent toward practical solutions to difficult business issues.Regarded as a founder of the E-learning industry, John launched Arista Knowledge Systems, the first e-learning software company, in 1996.  . Most recently, John was CEO of Generation21 Learning Systems, a leading developer of e-learning software based in Denver, CO with a global client list serving more than 3 million learners.John also pioneered the digital mapping industry, serving as the first CEO of Navigation Technologies (NAVTEQ), the world’s leading digital mapping company.  John grew the company from 18 to more than 750 employees in 4 years, acting concurrently as NavTeq CEO and Managing Direct of European Geographic Technologies, residing in Holland.His diverse background also includes three years as CEO Project California, a national model public/private non-profit industrial development initiative cooperatively funded by the private sector and state and federal governments.   As CEO, John led development of a demonstration electric car fleet, development of the plan for Maglev in the Los Angeles basin, creation of the first on-line cooperative buying site, creation of an Institute for Fuel Cell Research,  launch of a $25 million investment fund to support breakthrough technologies, and many other initiatives.At other points in his career, John has been CEO of a large consumer services organization, an electric car company, recreation company, US Representative for a European nation, and a consultant to a wide variety of firms across the US on topics ranging from GPS to telephony services.John typically works closely with senior executives on issues of strategic importance to their firms……………..



John Denver

No not that one.  John is a Change & Leadership Specialist with a proven track record of delivering significant business improvements and results. He works with companies and individuals to ‘unlock their potential and unleash profitable growth’.  John works in partnership with individuals & organizations to improve their productivity and performance and has specific expertise in: Leadership Business, Executive Coaching and Operational & Process Business Improvements John has a breadth of experience in partnering with CEOs, directors and senior managers and a real passion for people and business development. He works across a multitude of diverse business sectors and has particular expertise in the change management, learning & development, supply chain, property portfolio management, and retail.   John is also a ‘Business Advisor’ for young people starting up in business.


Hong Kong Office- Specializing in Sourcing, Pacific Rim Manufacturing, & Asia Exporting

We don’t push Asian suppliers, in fact we’ve brought back manufacturing to the USA, but if you are already in Asia, and having issues we can help you:

  • Audit of your suppliers.
  • Inspect & confirm all product design specs are manufacturing ready.
  • Identify the best value-manufacturing partners. Remember, the lowest price does not always equal best value.
  • With negotiation and contracting of price, MOQs, freight, warranty, and more.
  • Plan and execute effective product ordering timelines.
  • Perform intensive first product inspections and subsequent random inspections for quality.
  • Arrange shipment and customs clearance based on national and local regulations.

*Europe – Paris Office is an Affiliate Specializing in Marketing, Product Innovation, Manufacturing

879050_consultingSocius Business Advisors also can deploy several mid-level associates whose expertise in consulting includes finance, marketing, operations, manufacturing, procurement. engineering, logistics, research, and sales.




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