Leadership is  the activity of leading a group of PEOPLE and an organization and the ability to do so. When you can achieve this you move from being a manager to  being a Leader.


 It involves pushing past beliefs to get to the facts / realities.  It is about sharing a vision, providing knowledge and methods and balancing conflicting interests  to move the people in the organization from scattered to focused, from being avoiders to being  problems solvers, from being fractured to being aligned as a team. The result is that the people and the organization move from mediocrity to excellence. At Socius Business Advisors  we will tailor your program from our end-to-end consultative services to help leaders cut through the clutter and achieve success.


Socius Business Advisors is Not Your Ordinary Consulting Group.  

Collaborative Mentoring is “The Better Approach”
Collaboration is the act of working together.
The word mentor comes from the Greek word for “guide”.

We know that the majority of consultant’s business plans and reports go unexecuted.  Why, because most consultants either base their plan on their capabilities, not yours, or tell you what needs to be done, then leave. And when they do that 50 page report normally goes into someone’s drawer never to see the light of day. We consider that a waste of your time and ours. Our professional make up is to take on projects that will be fulfilled. Pardon if this seems blunt. If you have no intention of executing then hire someone else.

1. Socius Business Advisors are skilled in what we do. We listen to your needs, and send the best people for the job.

2. Socius Business Advisors realize that our clients are business leaders that seek help.  You are not a rookie, so why do other consultants treat you like one.   Our Collaborative Mentoring seeks to jointly deal with you, your strengths, and your needs and not waste time by treating you as a novice.

3. At Socius Business Advisors, we always keep in mind the adage “teach a man to fish…”, and we strive to not only help you solve today’s issues,  but prepare you for the future.

“When our clients succeed, we succeed!”

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Socius Business Advisors is a leadership coaching and consulting firm headquartered in the greater Chicago area, with advisors in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Denver, and Hong Kong and serving clients around the globe.

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