Collaborative Mentoring…Not Typical Consulting

At Socius Business Advisors, we always keep in mind the adage “teach a man to fish…”, and we strive to not only help you solve today’s issues, but prepare you for the future.

Collaborative Mentoring is “The Better Approach”

  • Collaboration is the act of working together.
  • The word mentor comes from the Greek word for “guide”.


We have all heard the phrase, “two heads are better than one”. At Socius Business Advisors we believe that through open collaboration between your team and ours that we attain the best results.   From true collaborations comes clarity, function, people who are focused on the same goals, that’s why at Socius Business Advisors we talk with you, not at you, and that is why we believe the Socius Business Advisors way is “the better approach!”


Collaborative Mentoring seeks to jointly deal with you, your strengths, your knowledge, and your needs and not waste time by resorting to treating you as a novice.  At Socius Business Advisors we expect thought-provoking debate.  It is what we strive for, for when attained, we break through barriers and get resolution.

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