How are Successful Leaders Growing Their Companies and Growing as Leaders?

Why are peer members Outperforming their counterparts by 15%  and more?

Need a Dose of Supportive Honesty?

A Group of Executive Peers
Share a Commitment to Trust, Collaboration & Growth

Socius Peer Groups  are all about CEOs helping CEOs

Socius is the Greek word for partner. Partner with other like minded CEOs & business owners.  Experience a true meeting of the minds… Connect with your peers in one of three seperate groups made up of like thinking leaders —1) CEOs and senior leaders at US companies that are $8 million to $100 million, or 2) Business owners of companies from start-up , and up to $15 million, or 3) Business Owners and CEOs of companies larger than $100 million.

Who else understands the issues with senior management?  Or the intricacies of working with a Board of Directors?  Who else has managed the challenges of Global expansion? Negotiations? Real succession planning?  Where else can you consult with experienced C-level leaders about M&A, raising capital,  how to deal with your aging workforce, or motivate young workers?   Sure, you consult with attorneys for a legal perspective. Or accountants for the financial implications. But who truly understands your perspective on these critical issues? Peer members.

Facilitated by  C-level  Certified Executive Coaches, Socius Peer Groups are an exclusive membership organization that connects CEOs  and owners of companies . Through private in-person one-on-one sessions, peer-to-peer roundtables, and special events , it helps CEOs and business owners to develop and maintain ongoing peer-to-peer relationships. Members include both seasoned executives as well as rising leaders.

It’s not about listening to speeches or reading white papers. It’s about learning from others who walk in your shoes. It’s about supporting one another in a lonely endeavor with far-reaching consequences.

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Peer Advisory Groups bring senior leaders together.  They work together as equals with the primary goal of meeting difficult challenges or setting their course for the future.

The diversity of the group, coupled with real dialogue, creates an environment of trust that transcends personal agendas.

Why Join?

At some point you’ve probably second-guessed some business decision. Maybe a capital investment is quickly losing value; perhaps a new senior-level hire isn’t working out so well. You might even be on an amazing growth streak that’s forcing major change in your organization.

You’re not alone, of course. All chief executives confront these issues at some point in their careers. Socius Business Advisors Peer Groups  provide the platform where members rise above day-to-day operational issues and reap the benefits of other leaders’ seasoned experience, insights and knowledge.

Socius offers a unique combination of resources for accelerating your business performance:

  • Monthly problem-solving peer group meetings

  • Executive performance coaching

  • Expert resource speaker presentations

  • A library of content (articles, videos, podcasts)

The result: Peer members are more successful than their competitors and, on average member’s business grows at twice the rate as prior to joining.

Executive peer members are selected through a careful interview process to ensure that each individual is placed in the appropriate program and group for his or her needs. Only the most qualified candidates are selected for membership. Contact us today to explore how a peer group can help you deal with your most pressing business challenges and opportunities.

Peer advisory group members help each other:

  • Craft their own solutions.

  • Create a culture of accountability.

  • Become better listeners and better leaders.

To find out if you qualify to join one of the Executive Peer Groups call Joe Veltri, Chair of this group, at 866-488-7009 or submit a request for more information on our contact page.


Better leaders…Better results!


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